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Dental Symphony - dental center in Minsk

For foreign patients

Dental Symphony dentists are always glad to help foreign patients. Our services are as good as in European clinics while treatment and prosthesis cost way less so patients from Russia, Germany, Estonia, Latvia and other countries prefer our center.

For convenience, we offer our foreign patients online consultations followed with preparation of the appropriate treatment plan. If you need to stay in our city for several days, we will help you with accommodation or rent. On the average, suits cost USD 30 per day.

For patients who stay for a longer time, we can help with accommodation at Ruzhansky sanatorium where they can receive medical treatment and recreate in a pine forest at the margin of scenic Papernya lake.

Please, remember that citizens from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan need no visa to enter Belarus and can stay in our country for 30 days without registration.

If you come from other countries we can help you to get a visa and transfer. If you arrive and depart to/from the Minsk National Airport, you can stay in Minsk without visa for 5 days, including the days of arrival and departure. This will be sufficient for treatment at our center.

We will make every effort to make your stay in our city as comfortable as possible.

Approximate cost of some types of treatment in our dental center.

Implantation with prosthetics (implant + abutment + crown cermet) — from 584 euro.
Implantation with prosthetics (implant + abutment + crown zirconium) — from 656 euro.

Complex implantation of one jaw «all on 4/6» (all for 4/6) + an temporary prosthesis — 2327 - 3255 euro.
Reprosthetics of complex implantation of one jaw "all on 4/6" (all on 4/6), metal ceramics — 1600 - 1964 euros.

Prices for all types of our dental services