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Our Specialists

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Orthopedist dentist
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The doctor-stomatologist-implantologist
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Dentistry in Minsk

Dentistry Dental Symphony

We have competent specialists. All doctors of the clinic have been working for many years and are constantly raising their professional level. We use innovative technologies and modern gentle approaches to treatment.

  • All employees have many years of experience.
  • We improve our skills both in our country and abroad. This is practice.
  • We are undergoing theoretical training - we participate in national and international seminars on training specialists in the field of dentistry. This allows us to offer patients the latest medical solutions: implants, aesthetic restoration, veneers and crowns.

All solutions are safe and proven by experience. They allow our patients to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile again. Everything important in life begins with her.

The dream of a beautiful smile is quite feasible with the help of modern dentistry!

Therapeutic dentistry

We guarantee high-quality and painless dental treatment. At all stages, we use the latest generation of drugs, including long-acting ones.

  • Prevention and occupational hygiene. Two visits to the dentist a year – and the doctor will be able to detect caries in the early stages, when the tooth has not yet been destroyed. With the same frequency, experts recommend doing professional teeth cleaning.
  • Dental treatment. We treat caries at any stage, non-carious dental lesions, pulpitis and periodontitis. Dentists of "Dental Symphony" can also correct the color and shape of teeth, eliminate injuries.
  • Gum treatment. A full range of measures for the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases.
  • Teeth whitening. Teeth whitening at the dental center "Dental Symphony" in Minsk is completely safe and does not have any negative effect on tooth enamel.

Surgical dentistry

We cope with a wide range of defects that not only violate aesthetics, but also negatively affect health in general. Dental center "Dental Symphony" offers you:

  • tooth extraction of any complexity;
  • implantation of any complexity, including single-stage. Implantology surgeons of our center perform mplantation technology "All on 4" and "All on 6";
  • operations to preserve teeth (root apical resection, cyst removal);
  • treatment of periodontitis - gum disease, in which the bone surrounding the tooth is destroyed.

Orthopedic dentistry

An orthopedic dentist will assess the damage and offer you a plan for prosthetics. Ceramics, press ceramics, implants, veneers - the solution is always individual.

Dental x-ray diagnostics

We use a new dental radiovisiographic system so that the radiation load is minimal. In our dentistry, you can take a 2d and 3d dental snapshot.