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Bite correction

bite-correction in Minsk

Abnormal bite may affect not only your appearance but articulation and even digestion (when you cannot chew well and swallow freely). Dentists recommend correct abnormal bites, and you can do it whether you are a juvenile or adult. Each case is unique and you need qualified orthodontist consultation.

Dental Symphony may offer you professional help with correcting bite with self-ligating and conventional braces. All our orthodontists regularly upgrade their skills and can work with the latest materials and braces we have:

  • conventional braces with metal and elastic wires, etc.,
  • self-ligating braces.

Each method has its advantages, disadvantages, side effects and indications. Orthodontists of Dental Symphony will evaluate your bite during consultation and determine your defects and ways to correct them. The key point is that you will know why one method is suitable in your situation and another is not.

Healthy smile enriches your life.

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