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Teeth treatment

Teeth whitening in Minsk

The general rule says that the sooner you begin to treat a troubled tooth the more you save and the less you suffer. Sad to say that many postpone visit to a dentist until acute pain and tooth destruction. Most people are afraid of painful and expensive treatment. We apply our best efforts to make our patients forget about such problems and invite foreign customers to Dental Symphony. Our prices are not so high but the level of treatment meets the latest global standards.

Treating caries complications (pulpitis and apical periodontitis)

Untreated caries destroys hard parts of teeth and develops further. It can affect nerves and vessels of a tooth, its roots (pulpitis), surrounding tissues (including bones), etc. Such a condition is known as apical periodontitis. It disturbs your life, inflicts pain and discomfort.

We, as well as experts of the World Health Organization, recommend visiting your dentist twice a year for him to notice problems at the very beginning and prevent unwanted scenario. If you have already had pulpitis or apical periodontitis, make an appointment immediately in the form below. Don’t suffer pain or discomfort. Your teeth will not treat themselves!

We, at Dental Symphony, will:

  • cure any stage of caries, from the first signs to complications (pulpitis or periodontitis),
  • treat other diseases of teeth and gums,
  • correct shape and shade of teeth and remedy consequences of traumas.

We use only modern and proven equipment of the leading manufacturers:

  • Thermafil, Dentsply, USA, to fill tooth canals,
  • Coltene, Switzerland, to fill canals with gutta percha,
  • modern machines for canal treatment,
  • photopolymer fillings of the latest generation.

Not only proper materials and equipment are important for teeth treatment, but level of the dentist’s proficiency. It is the reason why all the specialists of Dental Symphony regularly participate in workshops and continually train. We value trust of our customers from Belarus and abroad.

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