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Teeth extraction

Teeth extraction in Minsk

Sometimes a tooth cannot be treated or restored, and the only option left is extraction. The level of extraction complicacy depends on location of a tooth, its condition, number of roots and other factors. We can help you in any situation.

At Dental Symphony our surgeons extract involved tissues accurately, precisely and painlessly, and then do whatever is needed for a jaw to heal and implants to be installed.

During extraction we pay special attention to:

  • Anesthetics. We select proper drugs, their dosage and modes of administration, taking into account a patient’s health condition and situation.
  • Accuracy. When extracting teeth at Dental Symphony all surgeons try to damage surrounding tissues and teeth as little as possible.
  • Post-extraction rehabilitation. The dentist explains do’s and don’ts, what drugs you should take, etc. to alleviate your post-extraction rehabilitation.

No matter how difficult your situation, we will help you.

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