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Periodontology in Minsk

Dentists treat teeth and surrounding tissues. If your gums inflame, bones around a tooth may destroy. It annoys, hurts and may lead to loss of a tooth, sometimes (almost) healthy.

So you need:

  • Preventive treatment. Dental examinations twice a year, professional teeth cleaning and scaling.
  • Gingivitis treatment. When your gums are inflamed but tissues are not damaged yet, you suffer from pain and cannot live a normal life. To avoid severe consequences call a dentist as soon as you feel discomfort.
  • Periodontitis treatment. Dentists at Dental Symphony remove infected tissues and stop further inflammation regaining your comfort and saving teeth.

Make an appointment to diagnose and treat gums at Dental Symphony. Our customers, including those from abroad, have already evaluated all advantages of treating teeth in Belarus: modern technologies at moderate prices.

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