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Teeth restoration

teeth-restoration in Minsk

With restoration we can remove esthetic and small defects. Sometimes they appear with time, sometimes an illness or trauma can lead to them, sometimes people come into the world with them. Whichever the case, a qualified dentist who has mastered modern techniques can correct almost any defect. We would be glad to meet you at Dental Symphony.

Restoration would help if:

  • you have defects after treatment of caries or pulpitis,
  • your mode of life or innate peculiarities led to changing color of enamel,
  • traumas led to splits and micro-cracks,
  • you have a large diastema or chip of frontal teeth,
  • you want to correct the shape of teeth for some other reason.

From numerous modern restoration techniques, our dentist will select the one optimum that suites you most depending on your problem, budget and other parameters.

Materials for esthetic restoration are produced by companies with many years of research activities. We use nanocomposites by Coltene (Switzerland), GC (Japan) and other proved modern restoration materials and techniques. We use only those that:

  • are wear-proof and solid,
  • look like healthy natural teeth,
  • biocompatible with tissues of the mouth.

These properties guarantee successful restoration.

We invite foreign customers to enjoy advantages of esthetic teeth restoration. No matter what defects you want to correct, our highly qualified dentists will select proper techniques and efficiently conduct procedures while you will spend less money than in other countries.

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