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Dental prosthodontic

Dental prosthodontic in Minsk

Prosthodontists make dental prosthetics if teeth are destroyed more than by half, absent or the tooth shape needs correction. A slightly affected tooth needs restoration, a seriously affected one, prosthetics.

Dental prosthetics is one of sought after and expensive services, so foreign patients can save money if they select dental prosthetics in Belarus. With much lower prices we guarantee the highest quality, even if you take into account accommodation and travel expenses.

A prosthodontist will examine you, determine which dental prosthesis is most suitable and make a treatment plan.

At Dental Symphony we make such prosthetics as:

  • ceramic crowns and veneers,
  • ceramic press systems,
  • zirconium oxide prosthesis featuring perfect bio-compatibility,
  • implants.

Your prosthodontist will offer you the best treatment for your case and select a prosthesis with account of the state of your teeth, your wishes and other criteria.

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