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Dental implantation

Dental implantation in Minsk

Before missing teeth replaced with prostheses, bridges, etc. Sometimes we still have to recourse to these techniques, but mostly we use implants, modern and more gentle method.

Implants are preferable because:

  • They look and feel like natural teeth.
  • They do not harm adjacent teeth, no grinding or facing is required.
  • They improve your life quality: you feel younger, self-assured and don’t need to refuse from some meals.

At Dental Symphony we use titan implants. Titan has been proven for decades and is actively used in orthopedy. Your body sees titan implants as natural tooth roots, so you will not suffer from allergy, bone growth or rejection.

Osseous integration also known as ingrowth of an implant into jaw bones goes smoothly and your body takes titan covered with inert material as a biological prosthesis. When your jaw heals and implant is firmly fixed, a prosthetic crown is installed. It is a visible part of your future tooth, so the orthopedist makes its shape and color match your natural teeth.

We would be very glad to restore your teeth. Think of advantages the implantation at Dental Symphony will give you:

  1. We use only proven modern materials. Implants by MIS, Noris Medical (Israel) are one of the best at the moment.
  2. Our orthopedists are highly qualified. They study and practice a lot, and our patients speak highly of them.
  3. We use good anesthesia. All our dentists select local anesthesia to make your visits and post-procedure rehabilitation as smooth as possible.
  4. We offer you reasonable prices. Teeth implants and other services cost less in Minsk, so many customers come to Dental Symphony to treat their teeth.

Beautiful and health teeth make your life better.

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