Dental therapy

Teeth treatment in Minsk. We invite foreign customers to evaluate the quality of our services. We use anesthetics of the last generation, efficient and gentle.

Dental prosthodontic

We offer you prosthodontics at a much lower price than abroad. Our orthopedists will make a prosthetics plan for you and select the technology that is the best for you — pressable ceramic, implants, veneers.

Dental surgery (implantation)

In rare cases there is only one option, extraction. If so, it is very important to weigh the situation and make the right choice.

Dental X-ray diagnostics

Treatment is impossible without correct diagnosis. We use a dental radiovisiography system with sensitive plates, so radiation exposure decreases.


With another service in great demand with foreign customers we will return you the beauty of your smile: improve bite with braces, reconstruct shape of teeth, etc.

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