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Dental therapy

Teeth treatment in Minsk. We invite foreign customers to evaluate the quality of our services. We use anesthetics of the last generation, efficient and gentle.

Dental prosthodontic

We offer you prosthodontics at a much lower price than abroad. Our orthopedists will make a prosthetics plan for you and select the technology that is the best for you — pressable ceramic, implants, veneers.

Dental surgery (implantation)

In rare cases there is only one option, extraction. If so, it is very important to weigh the situation and make the right choice.

Dental X-ray diagnostics

Treatment is impossible without correct diagnosis. We use a dental radiovisiography system with sensitive plates, so radiation exposure decreases.

Our specialists


Get rid of plaque and tartar!

Professional hygiene with an ultrasound scaler, as well as a procedure for cleaning teeth using AIR FLOW equipment.


  • From the first phone call Dr Denis,Alexandra and Pawel took care of me with friendly and professional manners. l've required 4 implants and a wisdom tooth extraction and Dr Andrzej have dealt with it within an hour! It took no pain or stress. l am more happy that l could have ever been. l highly recommend this clinic to everyone.
    Pawel Tokarz Pawel Tokarz
  • My gratitude to the doctor Baranov Denis Yurievich and his assistant Berezovskaya Elena Sergeevna !!! Thank you for your professionalism and human attitude !!! EVERYTHING WAS SUPER !!!
    Lilia Lilia
  • THANK YOU from all the professionaly cured, pasted, bleached by you - sixes, eights, fours, etc. .. I did not think before that the visit to the dentist can be without horror. Health and all the best to you!
    Alexandra Alexandra
  • This is my favorite dentistry. Thanks to Andrei Darevsky, for the fact that when its usually hurts - he manage to do it without pain, when usually its scarry - with him its funny. Andrei is my favorite dentist. Now all my dental issues only to you!
    Alena Alena