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Gum treatment

Gum treatment in Minsk

If your gums cause pain or discomfort, visit the dentist. More likely you suffer from periodontitis, so the tissues surrounding your teeth are inflamed which—apart from discomfort—may lead to loss of tooth.

You may have periodontitis, if:

  • your gums are red or bleed when you eat or clean your teeth,
  • you have bad taste,
  • you have bad breath even when your teeth are clean.

Dental Symphony offers you combined teeth and gum therapy, including periodontitis. Make an appointment and the dentist will find the problem, make a treatment plan and discuss it with you. Today the dentistry offers us many efficient methods for full relief. The sooner you start the treatment, the more effective it will be. But even in the most neglected cases we may help you.

We will be glad to offer our services to customers from Belarus and other countries. Save money with treating teeth in Minsk using the latest technologies, approved treatment guidelines and safety standards.

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