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Disease prevention

Disease prevention in Minsk

The World Health Organization recommends visit a dentist twice a year. It allows a doctor to notice the early stages of caries and, if necessary, apply additional diagnostic techniques. The earlier caries is discovered and treated the less teeth will be damaged.

Professional teeth cleaning in the dental center helps eliminate and prevent dental calculus.

Oral hygiene at Dental Symphony center includes:

  • Cleaning with ultrasonic scaler with root planing and, when necessary, covering teeth with fluor protector, a protective varnish against caries and other damages.
  • Cleaning with air flow, a flow of water and abrasive which removes deposits from the tooth surface, mainly in hard-to-reach places: between teeth. Air Flow can also make your teeth look at least half shade lighter.

To keep your teeth and mouth healthy, simply go to Dental Symphony twice a year. Make an appointment and enjoy full range of professional hygiene services.

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