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Dental surgery

Dental surgery in Minsk

If a tooth is badly destroyed and cannot be restored, a dentist would recommend extraction. It is an extreme measure and modern dentistry standards recommend surgical interference only when caries affected not only tooth but surrounding tissues.

We offer you:

  • Extraction. Our surgeons carefully and painfully extract teeth however difficult situation is.
  • Dental implants. Type of implant is selected during consultation (sometimes at one visit).
  • Dental maintenance. In some cases a surgeon may excise a cyst or resect root tips.
  • Periodontitis treatment. A dentist may resort to it when gums are inflamed and bleeding and a patient may lost a tooth.

All procedures are carried out only after full diagnostics. The dentist will describe your problems and explain what can be done, what your options are and how they differ. Dentists’ qualification giving them knowledge of new treatment guidelines and techniques is vital, and the dentists at Dental Symphony are qualified.

We are glad to offer patients a full range of dental services, including surgery. Every procedure will be carried out accurately and painlessly.

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